Observations Leading Conversations.

Minor events. Major events. Breaking events. Something is always happening in the world around us. Very few other professions have to know about worldly events like that of journalist. Joshua L. Bolden is a journalist in the making. This blog isn’t solely (if at all) for my articles though.  One of my closest friends and sports journalist (Jasmine Vann) challenged and inspired me to do this. Not to write formally like a reporter (I do that here—Journalist: Joshua Bolden) but to interact with others just about random happenings in the world. This isn’t unfamiliar territory—Twitter has been a way for me to do just what I hope to accomplish here. Only with “Unscripted Observations” I can go beyond 140 characters and so can my readers. Observations do lead to conversations. These conversations can be poignant, serious, silly or casual. These discussions can run the gambit from what’s happening in Washington to what happened last night on Desperate Housewives. So let’s see where this goes!


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