Sister In Spirit.

“One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show”

—Jasmine Vann


J&J: Night & Day

“One monkey don’t stop no show” this is the spirit of Jasmine Vann. Her analogies come out of nowhere but somehow fit whatever predicament one may be placed in. This is on my spirit and anytime JV is on my spirit she is beyond 140 characters.

I sometimes ask myself why certain individuals have the degree of importance in my life that they do. When it comes to Jas. The answer is simple yet complex. I want to focus on the simple today. Quite simply she is the big sister I don’t have. I do not bestow the title of sis to just anyone. Truth be told there are only two maybe three others (JV is one of the definite two) outside my own biological sister that I claim and will do anything for.

Somewhere in a “sister” I see a bit of myself.

Somewhere in a “sister” I see qualities I admire.

Somewhere in a “sister” I see something I can’t quite figure out and probably never will.

The bit of myself in Jasmine Vann is potential. JV has amazing potential and I have no doubt in my mind she will take advantage of it all. She has a positive outlook anything dished her way. She’s a optimist and perfectionist. If her name is on it is going to be on point. If something is not right she will call it out be it a person, thing, or idea. Now how she calls it out that depends on the situation. Regardless she’ll do it with pure class.

The qualities I admire in Jasmine Vann—she will jump in feet first not only can she jump in feet first but she’ll jump even if she doesn’t know what she’s jumping into and she’ll figure things out along the way. I love that about her.

The thing about Jasmine Vann I can’t quite figure out. The way she executes all she does. Our execution style of things are often different as night as day but I think that it’s why our friendship has worked for what will soon be two years. Our execution is like the sun and moon not so different that we are bickering heads and nature is out of whack. Rather just different enough to find beauty in each. Our styles seem to mesh resulting in something greater than ourselves.


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