The Original Twamiga

This Unscripted Observation is dedicated to the one and only Cheryl Ann Valentine.

After a year of memorable and not so memorable tweets a simple #FF: Cheryl Ann would not have been right.


Shoutout to childhood friend Chelcee Halley for which without I would've never stumbled upon my twamiga.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be writing about a person I’ve never actually  met, I would have said “that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard” probably would have thrown in a sarcastic glare too.

However, KarmenNicole, Beautiful_CAV, missPRETTY_CAV and any future handle she may hold is the exception to the idea. I only see it fit that I go beyond 140 characters for someone who has sent me many a “you’re silly” and “sir” and in return she gets #FFs, cute avatar (which they all are), and an assortment of nicknames.

It is a unique friendship—I’m not calling it a twiendship. One can only make up so many twitter words before he exceeds his quota and with words like twam, twamiga, and twitterboo, I think I’m close to exceeding mine.

To this day I still have no idea what motivated me to follow KarmenNicole. It wasn’t because she’s sweet, which she is, because I couldn’t see her tweets. It wasn’t because she was a Virgo. I didn’t learn that until months later. It wasn’t because she’s absolutely stunning. Although, she is even in a baseball cap and red t-shirt.  Cheryl is the first person I followed who I didn’t know personally who I interacted with on a regular basis (Back during a time when my following didn’t exceed my followees). Whatever the reason I’m glad I did so much so I’ve found old tweets and written this unscripted observation.

Cheryl, I most definitely have to put you up there with the others who bring nuggets of entertainment into my life. Thank you so much. You exude intelligence, beauty, and class. You never mence words and do so with tact. I admire and respect that.

Why I remember the date? I’ll chalk it up to my journalist memory. So here is to the original ‘twamiga,’ ‘pretty little lady,’ ‘twitterboo,’ ‘ma’m’, or just Cheryl Ann a simple #FollowFriday just would not have done this week justice.

Our twitter conversations don't always turn to roman noodles...some are memorable. lol.


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  1. This is like one of the sweetest & most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me. Even though it is on website I really adore this. I would never think someone whom I never met in person would think so much of me. This really let’s me know you care. I am blessed to have met you. You are one sweet, kind, motivating man. I adore that. I can’t say to much after what all you said but I really adore you. Your wife will be blessed just saying “I do”. Thank you so much sir. I will always keep this. It really made me smile. I am glad I am one of your followers on Twitter. =)

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