#HawthoRNe Hangup

Christina HawthoRNe
Christina HawthoRNe

“I’m Christina HawthoRNe. I Run This.”


Maybe Christina should be running  TNT.

Yesterday, Friday September 2nd, the network announced it would not renew the medical drama HawthoRNe.

HawthoRNe is a summer television series led by Jada Pinkett-Smith about the ups and downs of the lives nurses in Richmond Trinity (and later James River Hospital.)

The network said in a statement:

“TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved,” the network said in a statement. “The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with HawthoRNe nothing but the best.”

The show wrapped its junior and final year this past August with a series of loose ends.

Ends that I hope will be answered in another network picking it up—USA perhaps—or a two-hour a movie of some sort.

  • What happened to Nurse Candy and her baby?
  • What’s up with Ray and Dr. Marshall’s on/off romance?
  • Is Camille going to college or staying home?
  • Who is this wolverine guy Renata was so weary of and what was with that ring?
  • HawthoRNe and Wakefield’s divorce, did they go all the way through with it?
  • Bobbie’s getting married and we won’t see it?
  • Will Bobbie and Steve go to London?
  • What the heck happened to Erin?
  • Did Isabelle ever get her act fully together and baby Moses back?
  • Dr. Marshall gets custody of her niece? That came out the blue.
  • Who shot Nick?

Now with  all these questions, I want to close out this Unscripted Observation with Jada Pinkett-Smith and her alter ego Christina HawthoRNe.

"I can't sleep. I blame you for this insomnia Michael. It's been exactly a year since I've had this problem. It's okay I'll get sleep one of these days."—Christina HawthoRNe

Three years ago, on June 14, we first met this widow and mom Christina HawthoRNe. She was dealing with the death of her husband, her overbearing well-to-do mother-in-law, and a rebel daughter. Through all that HawthoRNe  found comfort in doing what she loved nursing.

Nick (Marc Anthony) is shot. "Stay with me. Come on, okay. Help! Somebody help me! —Christina HawthoRNe Wakefield

Three years later, on August 16, the last image of HawthoRNe I and the entire #TeamHawthoRNe fan base are left with is a woman who has been through the pits of hell. She has been assaulted, lost her baby, lost her job, was in the process of losing her second husband, and lost her—well I’m not sure what Marc Anthony was but she lost him too.

Now I’m left guessing. Guessing that things in season four would have turned around for the nurse. After all she was offered a high ranking job at the hospital which she took.

As for all the other loose ends I’m forever going to speculate.

Maybe I am just too attached to this show. Maybe I just want answers both on the show and why the series was canceled.

I have yet to find an explanation.

There is petition and facebook page to revive the show.

Maybe if enough fans perform CPR we all will be back on the edge of our seats every Tuesday.

After all fans brought “The Game” back into overtime when it was canned by the CW.

Jada did have this to say to the fans on the cancellation of the show via whosay:

Hey everyone…if you don’t know Hawthorne will not be returning for another season. I want to say thank you to all the fans for being Hawthorne soldiers. All our facebook fans…twitter soldiers and viewers…you held us down. Of course you know there is more to come…believe it!


This JPS fan is sure “there is more to come” from this talented lady. I would love to say it’s more HawthoRNe but whatever I cannot wait to see.

*Update: According to rollingout.com the show was cancelled due to low ratings with a drop to 2.4 million from 3.4 in season two.

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