#TalentedTuesday: Maria Menounos.

“I’m happiest when I’m doing a million things. I don’t see my career going in any one direction. I see myself doing a potpourri of things.” —Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos.

Maria Menounos has rocked since I was in 6th grade watching her on Channel One and she’s on #TalentedTuesday because she is still impressive to watch.

Menounos is a journalist, author, television personality and actress who has taken to the dance floor.

The DWTS contestant is also the entrepreneurial brain behind AfterBuzzTV a new media platform that provides folks a place to go after their favorite show.

Josh’s Note: She inspires me, I like people with great range. As a journo she can go from hard news—interviewing politicians—to soft and chat with celebs. As a career woman she can bounce from one thing to another and evident by her DWTS stint if she doesn’t know it she’s going to learn it.

(Go TeamMenough).


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