#MusicMonday | @Zendaya Redux.

“Being in control of what I do is the best.”–Zendaya



Actress. Singer. Dancer. Zendaya.
I’ve said it before (on #TalentedTuesday) I’ll say it again Zendaya is amazing and her voice incredible. She’s a little hip-hop, a little pop, a little R&B, a little 90s—but all Zendaya.

Listen for yourself. Below is the album version and  acoustic version of her song “Replay” from her self-titled album released in September of 2013.

“I’m kind of creating my own music and I’m kind of creating my own zone, my own lane as an artist. I want to do rhythmic pop,” the artist told MTV News.

#ConversationStarter: “Do What You Love.”

“Do What You Love”–Andrea Valeria

The pop culture boss, who is, Andrea Valeria recently released new vlog called “Do What You Love” and I wanted to share it here.

I couldn’t agree more with the gal who overdoses in pop culture. Why spend life doing something that doesn’t or only makes you somewhat content with life?

Do something that ignites the fire in you and makes you happy that you’re getting out of bed everyday!

Chime In: What makes you happy? Are you doing that thing? If not, why not?

Visit AndreaValeria.com for everything pop.

Follow @itsaPopOD on Twitter too.

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#TalentedThursday: @Zendaya shakes it up on #DWTS.



This #Talented goes to a triple treat whose star continues to rise–Zendaya Coleman.

The Disney darling gained fame portraying hip-hop dancer Rocky Blue on the sitcom Shake It Up, a series about two teens who land gigs on a local Chicago dance show.

Coleman known mononymously as Zendaya has also released two singles ‘Swag It Out’ and ‘Watch Me’.

The Shake It Up star is the youngest contest to ever grace the ballroom floor on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and she’s even receiving praise from her competitors.

From People Magazine

“I mean, oh my gosh,” Dorothy Hamill told PEOPLE. “Doesn’t matter if she’s 16 or 12 or 100. It was just beautiful.”

Added Karina Smirnoff, standing with her Super Bowl champ partner Jacoby Jones: “We probably won’t be able to do what she did today after 10 weeks! Because that takes years of practice and training.”

Check out her moves below.

DWTS Week One.

Z & V’s First Meeting.

First Rehearsal.

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Chime in: Do you see Zendaya making it far in the competition?

Josh’s Note: I’m a Zswagger (nickname for her fans) so I’d love to see her rock it to the mirror ball.

Rest In Peace, In That Deluxe Apartment In The Sky, George Jefferson

L to R. Marla Gibbs, Isabel Sanford and Sherman Hemsley as Florence Johnston, Louise and George Jefferson.

L to R. Marla Gibbs, Isabel Sanford and Sherman Hemsley as Florence Johnston, Louise and George Jefferson.

Sad news out of Hollywood, iconic actor, Sherman Hemsley has died.

Hemsley brought the character of George Jefferson to life in the hit sitcom “All in the Family” and its spin-off The Jeffersons.

After the Jeffersons ended in 1985, he starred in Amen as Deacon Frye.

In the 1990s and 2000s he would reprise his role of George Jefferson, along side his TV wife Isabel Sanford, in a series of commercials and television guest spots.

Hemsley was 74.

Josh’s Note: May you rest in peace Mr. Hemsley along with ‘Weezy,’ Mother Jefferson, Helen, Tom and the rest of the gang in that deluxe apartment in the sky.

Read More. ►http://tinyurl.com/cmjkb49

Rest In Peace, America’s Sheriff.

The man who kept the peace in the quirky town of Mayberry has passed away.

Andy Griffith who starred in the self-titled show about a man who was sheriff by day, keeping order in the town, and a single dad by night, rearing his son Opie in the right direction has died.

Griffith & Ron Howard

The show was a hit for eight seasons on CBS.

Ron Howard, Griffith’s TV son, tweeted:

Griffith would later play, attorney at law, Ben Matlock in the 1980s.

Griffith was 86.

Also several actors, who worked with him, remember the man they called friend.

Andy Griffith & Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden, who played the manicurist in a episode of ‘The Andy Griffith Show,‘ remembers Andy.

Paul Campbell, co-star in Griffith’s last film, reflects on Andy.

Josh’s Note: Thanks for the laughs. Thanks for the lessons.

Rest in Peace, America’s Sheriff—Sheriff Andy Taylor.

P.S. Stumbled across this really nice tribute, ‘What Andy Griffith Means To Me,’ from a fan and thought I would share it.

#ConversationStarter: Beyond Politics.

First Lady Michelle Obama & Beyonce Knowles grace the cover of Vogue.

This opinion piece, Mrs. O and Beyoncé: A Problematic Love Fest?, has shown up in my social media feeds for the last couple of days so let’s start a conversation here on ‘unscripted.’

Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama and Beyoncé have been exchanging pleasantries with each other.

‘The Pink Panther’ star wrote a public letter to the First Lady expressing how grateful she is that her daughter can grow up in a world where someone in the highest office in the land resembles her.

Mrs. Obama responded to Beyoncé in a tweet, “thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to.”

Days later People Magazine asks First Lady Obama if she could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be?

“Gosh. If I had some gift, I’d be Beyoncé, I’d be some great singer,” the First Lady responded.

The First Lady’s comment caused commentators across the web to take issue from Loop21 to The Root.com.

Now they are facing backlash from readers—The Root.com’s Demetria L. Lucas in particular.

According to Lucas, Mrs. Obama’s admiration of the pop star “sends a damaging, demeaning and dangerous message to women and girls.”

Lucas characterized Beyoncé’s success to the following:

Vibe: Meet Your New Role Models: Kandi, Tamar, Evelyn & Chrissy (Reality Stars).

She is only slightly more role model-esque than three of the four reality stars ironically gracing the current cover of Vibe. Let’s keep it funky, folks: Beyoncé’s talent — the one that’s made her a multimillionaire and a household name — is the ability to habitually line-step on the Madonna-whore dichotomy. That is to say, she has mastered the art of moving her tush like a stripper and her hips like a porn star, and she still manages to be perceived as a lady and some sort of feminist. Women who have done the same or less have faced more criticism.

Her lyrics fluctuate between empowerment lite and sending women nearly back to the June Cleaver dark ages. For every “Me, Myself and I,” “Irreplaceable” or “Love on Top,” there are songs like “Cater 2 U,” where Bey (during her Destiny’s Child days) does everything for her man, from untying his shoestrings to offering a manicure.

►Read More.

The excerpt above is what stood out to me, several of my colleagues, and many in the social media sphere.

It was a hot topic is the WUMR (one of the stations where I work) studio yesterday and both of my female counterparts brought up how she attacked what Beyoncé wears and how she dresses on stage. Both highlighted that she wears more clothing than the average back up dancer in a hip-hop video and when Lucas compares the ‘Obsessed’ actress’ songs she is comparing song lyrics from two different eras in Knowles’ life.

Before I ask for you to chime in, see what those around the web have said:

While the tweeters are outraged the facebookers run the gambit saying, ‘that’s your opinion, they’re friends, cool, next topic.’ ►See Screenshot Click Here.

Josh’s Note: To characterize the singer, the actress, the entertainer, the designer and the businesswoman— someone who put in fifteen years of hard work to get where she is in life—in the same vein as a stripper, adult film star or a reality star is beyond farfetched.

No, I do not know what message a young woman would receive from the First Lady’s praise (and Miss Lucas is entitled to her opinion).

However, I still differ in sentiment with Lucas.

As a young man, what do I see is two women who admire each other. Two women who respect each other and two women who respect each other’s profession.

What I see is the opposite what is displayed “every time a reality show airs.” Their “‘love fest’ is combating the negative images of black women who pull wigs or throw wine bottles.


Chime in:

Is it justifiable to compare Beyoncé to a stripper, porn star and the four on Vibe?

Readers do you think Lucas made a correct assessment of First Lady Michelle Obama’s praise for Mrs. Carter?

#TalentedTuesday: Maria Menounos.

“I’m happiest when I’m doing a million things. I don’t see my career going in any one direction. I see myself doing a potpourri of things.” —Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos.

Maria Menounos has rocked since I was in 6th grade watching her on Channel One and she’s on #TalentedTuesday because she is still impressive to watch.

Menounos is a journalist, author, television personality and actress who has taken to the dance floor.

The DWTS contestant is also the entrepreneurial brain behind AfterBuzzTV a new media platform that provides folks a place to go after their favorite show.

Josh’s Note: She inspires me, I like people with great range. As a journo she can go from hard news—interviewing politicians—to soft and chat with celebs. As a career woman she can bounce from one thing to another and evident by her DWTS stint if she doesn’t know it she’s going to learn it.

(Go TeamMenough).

She Came Back.

Last Saturday the music industry, this nation and the world lost an icon—Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

Rest in Music, Whitney. 1963-2012.

I’ve processed this all week and I want to put a few of my thoughts into words and then let her music speak for itself.

She was and is “the voice” as Oprah said.

Houston had the ability to not only take her music but others and make it her own.

Houston’s voice had it’s own frequency—a beautiful frequency.

As a child of a nineties, Houston was already extremely successful when she was introduced into my life.

Thanks to my mom, The Preacher’s Wife, The Bodyguard and Waiting To Exhale were on my television often.

For me, Whitney is one of those individuals in the entertainment industry that will forever be timeless—Like Marilyn, Michael, Elvis, or Farrah.

Some say she was on the verge of a comeback from her trials and tribulations.

I say she came back. God guided her through the tough times.

She released a new album, I Look To You, in 2009 and still had that great gospel, R&B and pop feel to her voice. She starred in the remake of 1976’s Sparkle, which will be released this August. Moreover she looked healthy and happy.

Today’s home going brought a sense of closure.

It gave the world a view of the person who was Whitney.

Just as she impacted the world while she was on earth, she impacted us in her passing.

Whitney brought church to national television through her home going.

Lastly, Whitney had a strong faith and I know she is gracing that gospel choir in the heavens.

I want to send prayers and good thoughts to Cissy, Bobbi Kristina, Dionne, Bobby (Because they shared a love and will always have “Something in Common”—a daughter. Just because they divorced doesn’t mean they lost complete love and respect for one another) and anyone her gift touched.

Joshua’s Note: Thank You Whitney For Touching Our Lives With Your Godly Gift.

#HawthoRNe Hangup

Christina HawthoRNe
Christina HawthoRNe

“I’m Christina HawthoRNe. I Run This.”


Maybe Christina should be running  TNT.

Yesterday, Friday September 2nd, the network announced it would not renew the medical drama HawthoRNe.

HawthoRNe is a summer television series led by Jada Pinkett-Smith about the ups and downs of the lives nurses in Richmond Trinity (and later James River Hospital.)

The network said in a statement:

“TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved,” the network said in a statement. “The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with HawthoRNe nothing but the best.”

The show wrapped its junior and final year this past August with a series of loose ends.

Ends that I hope will be answered in another network picking it up—USA perhaps—or a two-hour a movie of some sort.

  • What happened to Nurse Candy and her baby?
  • What’s up with Ray and Dr. Marshall’s on/off romance?
  • Is Camille going to college or staying home?
  • Who is this wolverine guy Renata was so weary of and what was with that ring?
  • HawthoRNe and Wakefield’s divorce, did they go all the way through with it?
  • Bobbie’s getting married and we won’t see it?
  • Will Bobbie and Steve go to London?
  • What the heck happened to Erin?
  • Did Isabelle ever get her act fully together and baby Moses back?
  • Dr. Marshall gets custody of her niece? That came out the blue.
  • Who shot Nick?

Now with  all these questions, I want to close out this Unscripted Observation with Jada Pinkett-Smith and her alter ego Christina HawthoRNe.

"I can't sleep. I blame you for this insomnia Michael. It's been exactly a year since I've had this problem. It's okay I'll get sleep one of these days."—Christina HawthoRNe

Three years ago, on June 14, we first met this widow and mom Christina HawthoRNe. She was dealing with the death of her husband, her overbearing well-to-do mother-in-law, and a rebel daughter. Through all that HawthoRNe  found comfort in doing what she loved nursing.

Nick (Marc Anthony) is shot. "Stay with me. Come on, okay. Help! Somebody help me! —Christina HawthoRNe Wakefield

Three years later, on August 16, the last image of HawthoRNe I and the entire #TeamHawthoRNe fan base are left with is a woman who has been through the pits of hell. She has been assaulted, lost her baby, lost her job, was in the process of losing her second husband, and lost her—well I’m not sure what Marc Anthony was but she lost him too.

Now I’m left guessing. Guessing that things in season four would have turned around for the nurse. After all she was offered a high ranking job at the hospital which she took.

As for all the other loose ends I’m forever going to speculate.

Maybe I am just too attached to this show. Maybe I just want answers both on the show and why the series was canceled.

I have yet to find an explanation.

There is petition and facebook page to revive the show.

Maybe if enough fans perform CPR we all will be back on the edge of our seats every Tuesday.

After all fans brought “The Game” back into overtime when it was canned by the CW.

Jada did have this to say to the fans on the cancellation of the show via whosay:

Hey everyone…if you don’t know Hawthorne will not be returning for another season. I want to say thank you to all the fans for being Hawthorne soldiers. All our facebook fans…twitter soldiers and viewers…you held us down. Of course you know there is more to come…believe it!


This JPS fan is sure “there is more to come” from this talented lady. I would love to say it’s more HawthoRNe but whatever I cannot wait to see.

*Update: According to rollingout.com the show was cancelled due to low ratings with a drop to 2.4 million from 3.4 in season two.

#TalentedThursday: Aaliyah, Gone But Not Forgotten.

Everything is worth it — the hard work, the times when you’re tired, the times when you are a bit sad. In the end, it’s all worth it because it really makes me happy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.” — Aaliyah

Click to go to Aaliyah.com

Normally, these posts are about up and coming talent. Also I post them on a Tuesday. Hence the name (and hashtag) #TalentedTuesday but this is a special #TalentedThursday.

Today marks the tenth anniversary that the world lost an incredible talent—Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

This #TalentedThursday is for a songstress who’s life was cut way too short.

The artist died in plane crash, after shooting the video for her song Rock the Boat, on August 25th, 2001 at the age of 22.

This unscripted observation is to remember the singer through what she left us, her music.


Click the image to see more videos.

In a reflection piece, posted on CNN.com, Missy Elliott remembers her friend.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Aaliyah’s passing and I’m sitting here reminiscing and playing music, thinking of the times we spent together, working, laughing, singing, dancing, cutting up. But really, it’s not all that different from any other day because I do think about her every day.

Not on purpose, but she is my friend and that’s just how I do. I’ve told the same stories for 9 years – how we met, how me and Tim were scared but Aaliyah was so welcoming and had this smile and way about her that put us at ease, that she liked to take chances and we were able to just be who we were and make good records together.

She loved playing jokes and that’s another part of her personality that made it fun to be around her. As a talent, I think she’s missed because she was unique and a true triple threat. She could sing, dance, and her acting was starting to take off.

I’m glad for the memories I have and the time we got to spend together, but I miss my friend.

Rest In Peace and Power Baby Girl.

From CNN.com

Josh’s Note: Rest In Peace to one of the most talented women to grace the world of R&B.

Through your music you live on. Thank you.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton, truly one in a million.

January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001.