#TalentedTuesday: Pay For It In Sweat.

You got big dreams?

You want fame?

Well fame costs and right here is where you start paying—in SWEAT!

—Lydia Grant, Fame


Fame's Lydia Grant, Coco, & Leroy (Debbie Allen, Erica Gimpel, and Gene Anthony Ray respectively).

Debbie Allen has never uttered truer words. I think one can apply these words to any field of study, any want, or any dream.

You want to be a singer? You have to pay for it.

You want to be an actor? You have to pay for it.

You want to be journalist? You have to pay for it.

You want to be a doctor? You have pay for it.

You want to be a lawyer? You have to pay for it.

This is idea of achieving one’s dreams by paying for what he or she wants in sweat is the basis for something new I am starting here at Unscripted Observations. This idea is called #TalentedTuesday. Sometimes I come across really talented people and I want to share the things I like about them in more than 140.

#TalentedTuesdays could be about up and coming entertainers, someone doing good in the world, or someone with just off the wall talent. I have already stumbled across some individuals who will most definitely be profiled for #TalentedTuesday. I hope my readers will find these individuals as amazing, interesting and as unique as I do.