She Came Back.

Last Saturday the music industry, this nation and the world lost an icon—Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

Rest in Music, Whitney. 1963-2012.

I’ve processed this all week and I want to put a few of my thoughts into words and then let her music speak for itself.

She was and is “the voice” as Oprah said.

Houston had the ability to not only take her music but others and make it her own.

Houston’s voice had it’s own frequency—a beautiful frequency.

As a child of a nineties, Houston was already extremely successful when she was introduced into my life.

Thanks to my mom, The Preacher’s Wife, The Bodyguard and Waiting To Exhale were on my television often.

For me, Whitney is one of those individuals in the entertainment industry that will forever be timeless—Like Marilyn, Michael, Elvis, or Farrah.

Some say she was on the verge of a comeback from her trials and tribulations.

I say she came back. God guided her through the tough times.

She released a new album, I Look To You, in 2009 and still had that great gospel, R&B and pop feel to her voice. She starred in the remake of 1976’s Sparkle, which will be released this August. Moreover she looked healthy and happy.

Today’s home going brought a sense of closure.

It gave the world a view of the person who was Whitney.

Just as she impacted the world while she was on earth, she impacted us in her passing.

Whitney brought church to national television through her home going.

Lastly, Whitney had a strong faith and I know she is gracing that gospel choir in the heavens.

I want to send prayers and good thoughts to Cissy, Bobbi Kristina, Dionne, Bobby (Because they shared a love and will always have “Something in Common”—a daughter. Just because they divorced doesn’t mean they lost complete love and respect for one another) and anyone her gift touched.

Joshua’s Note: Thank You Whitney For Touching Our Lives With Your Godly Gift.