#ConversationStarter: Exit Stage Left. Rocsi & Terrence J.

BET’s flagship music video program had a major announcement recently.

Tuesday on 106 & Park, BET’s staple music video countdown program, Terrence Jenkins and Rocsi Diaz made it official—they are leaving.

“We always use this platform to speak directly to you,” said Jenkins, “and today it’s more important than ever.”

Hosts: Rocsi & Terrence.

The duo proceeded to announce they are leaving 106 & Park in pursuit of other opportunities.

The announcement comes after months of rumors of the two hosts exiting the show.

“We’ve only been able to accomplish everything that it was because we both put God first in our lives,” said an emotional Diaz who began welling up.

The two reminisced about where they were—Diaz, a young DJ in Chicago and Jenkins, a graduate of North Carolina A&T working in corporate America—before they got the call as the new hosts of 106 & Park.

They have hosted the BET program for seven years.

Watch the announcement below:


So let’s start a conversation.

Who do you think should be the next hosts?


106: Holding It Down Takes Teamwork

106 VJs Rocsi Diaz & Terrence J

I just wanted to blurb about 106 & Park really quick but I’m going beyond 140 so that means I’m coming here. I just wanted to know for those whose gears are grind by the current era of 106 why does it grind you? It still serves it’s main purpose doesn’t it—to deliver the top ten music videos of the day.

Anyway what really sparked me into rambling on this is topic is #RealTime tweets on Twitter. When I’m watching a show live—not necessarily broadcast live—but meaning not TiVo-ed I will usually get on twitter type in the name of the show or something related.  #RealTime on Twitter is like one big cocktail party where millions of people are experiencing and commentating on the same thing without leaving the comfort of their couch or bed.

This is some of what showed up in real time today (1/26/11) with the entries #Rocsi, 106 & Park and #106

Click #RealTime 106 but if you don't like foul language just skip the pic.

So there’s some good mixed with the bad and that’s to be expected and that’s fine; every one can have his or her opinion. I can’t  critique host(s)/anchor(s) of any show be it music video program, talk show, or newscast because I consider broadcast media to be all under one broad umbrella. I have some idea of how hard it is. It’s a world I’m going to be a part of that world daily basis one day.

I’m just speaking on this from what I’ve learned as a broadcast journalism & film production student.

106 & Park's Rocsi Diaz

  • As the host it’s your job to facilitate the show, the teleprompter is just a suggestion.
  • Hosts must be able to ad-lib because that teleprompter can go on the blink and hosts have to be able to keep going like nothing is wrong.
  • Time management is major if you have 60 seconds of air space before the next video, segment, whatever it be you better be able to fill it.
  • Holding down a  90-120 minute host usually are dependent on so many.

If 106 is like any other production:

  • The floor director has to tell Rocsi and Terrence were to stand, when they’re back from commercial etc.
  • Then you have the people talking in their ear breaking news happens (ie: MJ’s death).
  • Not to mention the minor—but crucial details when it comes to lighting and wardrobe a person(s). Diaz and Jenkins may know what works on camera but wardrobe and lighting are most definitely suppose to know and probably help in some facet.
  • That’s just crew positions I can think of off the top of my head. Surely there are countless more who are just as crucial.

Each of these elements is important to any program especially a live one so if there is a mishap, flub, or something doesn’t look right it does not just rely on the host(s).

The 106 Six: Diaz, Tigger, Free, Terrence J, Julissa Bermudez, and AJ Callowally

When one gets the job done on a consistent basis I have so much respect for any host in that 106 position (any on-air position) be it—Free, AJ,Julissa, Tigger, Rocsi, Terrence and any future VJs of the music video program because along with the viewers these hosts brought their own persona to the show. Each created their own chemistry with their respective co-host. No one tried to emulate past VJs. Each individual made the show what it is for 10 years.