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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Music sensations Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborated on a couple of songs recently and the Barbadian singer’s mentor Sean Carter (Jay-Z ) is not too pleased.

According to RadarOnline, Carter is not thrilled that Rihanna is spending time with the man who beat her following a 2009 pre-Grammys party.

Brown was arrested and later charged with assault.

Now with three years behind the incident, RadarOnline reports the duo has been secretly getting together and Carter does not understand how the two could reunite.

From Radar Online

Rihanna & Jay-Z

Brown and RiRi have released two songs, which features both of them — her song Birthday Cake and his Turn Up the Music.

Brown’s first line in Birthday Cake?

Watch Wendy's Take on The Collab. (Chris & Wendy 2009 Interview)

“Girl I wanna f*** you right now. Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body,” the R&B hit-maker sings.

Now that Jay-Z is a proud daddy to daughter, Blue Ivy, with wife Beyoncé, “he is even more protective of the women in his life. Jay has told Rihanna he will never give his blessing for what she is doing with Chris. He has told her, this isn’t going to end well, it never does. In Jay’s opinion, Chris has rage issues that he doesn’t think have been dealt with,” the insider says.

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So with the recent collaboration on two songs Wendy Williams’ take & RadarOnline spark some questions for conversation.

Can one separate the artist from the music?

What kind of message, if any, does this send to Rihanna’s young fans?

Can Chris Brown be redeemed or will he & his career always be associated with abuse?

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