#ConversationStarter: #CaseyAnthony—After The Trial

Caylee Marie Anthony who was the two-year-old toddler at the center of the Anthony trial.

Once again the nation is abuzz about Casey Anthony after new video of the Florida mom surfaced.

In the summer of 2011, Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

This new video, filmed in October, is said to be part of Anthony’s therapy and was not intended for public consumption.

In the clip Anthony says this  is the first of many to be filmed.

There is no mention of her daughter, Caylee, in the video entry.

Watch Below.

The following is from HLN confirming the identity of the woman in the video.

Casey Anthony is indeed the woman on a new video circulating online, InSession’s Jean Casarez confirmed from Anthony’s attorney, Chaney Mason.

In a statement, Mason said “Casey has maintained notes and memoirs for her personal counseling. She did not upload or release this to YouTube. She doesn’t know how the video got on YouTube. She did not authorize it and therefore it had to be obtained illegally.”

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So lets start a conversation.

Do you think the video was leaked by Anthony?

Was it leaked for monetary gain?

Other thoughts?

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